Legacy – Persia 02

I wrote this narrative for the show at Propeller Gallery for my Persia 03 piece. The theme of the show was Live Longer – Piss of your heirs.

Persia 03
Persia 03 from the series Tapestry

The Persia series is an offshoot on my original series called Oculus. I discovered that I was able to use the elaborate patterns and textures of Persian carpets to create my signature pieces.

In my quest to find more Persian carpets to photograph, I have learned that these carpets were made from memory, handed down from one generation to the next, and that each type of carpet comes from a specific region, specific city or town and sometimes even from a specific tribe. They come with these exotic names which represent their location which also reflects the style and colours of the carpets.

I first learned about the Tabriz but then came quickly familiar with Esfahan, Nain, Bokhara, and Qom, which specialized, in the intricate work of silk. The list of names and regions seems endless.

I became obsessed with this “art” form which has spanned thousands of years and hundreds of generations. Shortly after some initial photoshoots, I bought my first Persian carpet. It’s a Tabriz but with a lot of blues – very uncharacteristic for that style of carpet.

After a few days, I thought, to which daughter would I bequeath this beautiful carpet in my will? I have three daughters. I came to the quick conclusion that I most certainly will have to buy at least two more carpets so that each daughter could have one to remember me by. I have officially become a collector.

Persia 17 detail


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