Out of the Darkness

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buy priligy dapoxetine online From rage and terror, to survival and resilience

Violence, murder, mayhem.  The number of dead is irrelevant.  The body count just multiplies the degree of horror endured. Terrorism is the misguided belief that random killings and the fear felt by the innocents will lead to a correction in politics or revenge a personal sleight. 

This series explores the beauty of cities and the citizens which have survived terrorism.  I have taken photographs of notable architectural landmarks, found in the affected cities, and have created iterations and layers so that they become jewel-like in appearance and iridescent in the darkness.  The luminescence  of a star cuts through the darkness of these moments of terror. The series speaks to survival and resilience.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty, —that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

– Keats, 1819


Vegas (Mandalay Bay) from the series Out of the Darkness

Vegas, The Mandalay Bay shooting, Sunday, October 1, 2017:  58 dead and 85 injured, 10 minutes in duration, 1,100 rounds fired, Weapon: a semi-automatic weapon,  – domestic terrorism in the U.S. with an unknown motive. Gun violence is currently pandemic in the U.S. 

List of names of those who perished (Sound Cloud)
News Reportage  Caution! Disturbing contents

Vegas 01 (Mandalay Bay)
40”x40” Edition 1/3
from the series Out of the Darkness
Archival Inkjet on Aluminum


Montreal 02 (École Polytechnique) from the series Out of the Darkness

Montreal, The Montreal Massacre at the Ecole Polytechnique on Wednesday, December 6, 1989, women were targeted by a male shooter, 14 women dead and 10 women and 4 men injured, 20 minutes in duration, Weapon: hunting rifle. Marc Lepine’s motive:  he was “fighting feminism”.  Personal connection: My first daughter was born five days previously.  At that moment, I realized that the world can be a very unkind place to women.

List of names of those who perished
News Reportage Caution! Disturbing contents

Montreal 01 (Ecole Polytechnique)
40”x40” Edition 1/3
from the series click here Out of the Darkness
Archival Inkjet on Aluminum


Barcelona (Palau Güell) from the series Out of the Darkness

Barcelona, The Barcelona Attack on Thursday August 17, 2017: 13 dead and 130 injured. Tunes Abouyaaquob, 22 years old, a Moroccan national, drove a van at high speed through 550 meters of the pedestrian zone on Las Ramblas before the van shut down. – Duration: under 1 minute.  Weapon: white Fiat Talent van  Motive: political.  Intended original target: La Sagrada Familia Intended weapon: explosive gas canisters loaded onto van. Personal connection:  I left Barcelona four days prior to this event but had been a tourist at both locations.

List of names of those who perished
News Reportage  Caution! Disturbing contents

Barcelona 01 (Palau Güell)
40”x40” Edition 1/3
from the series Out of the Darkness
Archival Inkjet on Aluminum


Berlin 02 from the series Out of the Darkness

Berlin is a special piece for me.  Two years ago my husband and I went to Berlin.  My husband is Jewish and I’m of German descent.  Berlin was a cultural and intellectual epicentre and Nazism tried to destroy that.  Here we are, Simon and Thomas, a gay “mixed” marriage – proof that life continues.   

I have not yet included all the details of other terrorism activities that have happened in Berlin (e.g. Palestinian Nationalists, (25 dead); Armenian Nationalists, (23); Libyan agents, (231);  Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, (48); Red Army Faction, (10); 2016 Berlin attack, (12); Nazism & the Holocaust, (Jews 6,000,000; Ukrainian Slavs, 3,000,000; Soviet POW’s 2-3 million; Ethnic Poles up to 1,900,000; Belarusian Slavs 1,500,000; Roma 90,000 to 220,000; Disabled, 150,000; Freemasons, 80-200,000; Serbs, 300-600,000; Jehovah’s Witnesses, 1,400 to 2,500; Spanish Republicans, 7,000; Gay men 5,000-15,000 – all numbers are estimates – however, even if the number were just ONE, these actions cannot be condoned).

Other Cities to be represented:

Paris, Munich, New York, Boston, Orlando