Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness

From terror and rage, to joy and serenity

This series explores the beauty of cities which have survived terrorism (race-based, gender-based or random gun violence).  I have taken photographs of notable architectural landmarks and have created iterations and layers so that they become jewel-like in appearance and iridescent in the darkness.  The luminance of a star cuts through the blackness of these moments of terror.  This series is still undergoing development and will be ready for Contact, May 2018 in Toronto.


Cities to be represented:

Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Munich, New York, Boston, Montreal, Orlando


As this series evolves, it’s taking on a very personal nature.  Montreal is a very personal piece.  On December 1st, 1989, my first daughter was born.  Five days later, Marc Lepine walked into a classroom at the École Polytechnique, separated the women from the men and started to shoot and kill the women.  (shot 28 people, killed 14 women).  At that moment, I realized that the world can be a very unkind place to women.


The Barcelona image was taken while vacationing there 2017.  Four days after we left, there was the terrorist attack.  A young misguided man drove a van into pedestrians on Las Ramblas. (13 dead, 130 injured).


Berlin is a special piece for me.  Two years ago my husband and I went to Berlin.  My husband is Jewish and I’m of German descent.  Berlin was a cultural and intellectual epicentre and Nazism tried to destroy that.  Here we are, Simon and Thomas, a gay “mixed” marriage – proof that life continues.