Limited edition archival pigment prints (framed or unframed)
40″ x 40″ – editions of 6
24″ x 24″ – editions of 10

This series of carpets from the Middle East were inspired by our friend, Golnar Rasty, who told me to come to her house and photograph her carpets.  She thought that they might work into something when she saw Untitled #15 from the original series.  She is a pathologist.  I am married to one as well.  They have a trained eye for patterns – mostly at the cellular level – but I can see how the tiny microcosms they look at on a daily basis can translate into the environments we live in.

I also had the opportunity to photograph many carpets at the Turco Persian Rug Company, courtesy of  Jessica Kasparian and Dan Buganto who threw their opens to greet my lights and camera.

Through all of this, I learned so much about what I thought were just Persian carpets.  They are not only Persian, but can be Turkish, Uzbekistanian, Afghani, etc.  These carpets are named after their geographical region as well as the common characteristics and materials found within the carpet weavers traditions.  There carpets from Qom, Tabriz, and Isfahan, for instance within the current borders of Iran/Persia.  Many of the tribes were also nomadic and crossed many borders many times.

Perisa 14 which was featured in the Snap 2018 Live Auction and is also the source of a blog post on Medium.com is actually a Turkish Heriz.  The blog is entitled Knots of Life.